Company Overview - Shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Rainbow Industrial Co., Ltd.
자체 브랜드 공급업체
주요 제품:UV 프린터/DTF 프린터/단일 패스 프린터, 레이저 조각 기계
Supplier assessment proceduresTotal floorspace (625㎡)Total staff (25)Total trading staff (10)
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by SGS Group
회사 등록일2018-11-15
연간 수출 수익(USD)1314967
지원 언어Arabic,English,French,Spanish,Portuguese
수출 경력5
업계 경력5
생산 역량
품질 관리
원자재의 제품 지원 추적성Yes
제품 검사 방법Inspection of all products
무역 배경
주요 시장North America(20%), South America(10%), Eastern Europe(10%)
공급망 파트너60
주요 고객 유형Retailer, Engineer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use, Manufacturer
R&D 역량
맞춤 제작 옵션sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
작년에 출시한 신제품12
R&D 엔지니어5
R&D 엔지니어 교육 수준3 graduate, 2 juniorCollege
회사 리뷰 (86)
4.9 /5
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Having used the Nano 7 UV printer for several months now, I've gathered quite a bit of insight into its long-term performance and reliability. The initial smooth shipping and setup process was just the beginning of a very positive experience. The customer service has remained consistently helpful, addressing any queries or concerns I've had since day one. It's comforting to know that the support didn't just drop off after the purchase was made. Over these months, the Nano 7 has proven itself to be a solid workhorse. It's durable and has maintained its smooth and quiet operation, which is more than I can say for other equipment I've used in the past. The quality of the prints hasn't dipped either. The vibrancy of the colors and the sharpness of the details are just as impressive as they were on day one. I'm genuinely pleased with how this investment has turned out.
it is in good quality and well packaged. thanks for all

    공급업체의 응답:

    many thanks,Merojiddin
    21 Feb 2024
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    바니시는 실제로 무엇을합니까?
    세라믹 타일에 UV 인쇄는 어떻게 생겼습니까?
    키보드를 인쇄하는 방법? # uv 인쇄 # uv 인쇄 pvc # 키보드
    UV 프린터 3D 엠보싱 점자 효과 # 구호 # uvprinter # uv 프린터 기계
    UV 프린터가 금속을 인쇄 할 수 있습니까? # uvprinter # UV PRINTERS #6090 uv 프린터
    좋은 5070 UV 프린터 란 무엇입니까? # 프린터 uv # UV 프린터 # uv 프린터 dtf 프린터
    UV 프린터를 6090 좋다고 생각하십니까? #6090 uv 프린터 # uv 프린터 기계 # uv 프린터 dtf 프린터
    최고의 4030 UV 프린터는 무엇입니까? # Uvprinter # uv 프린터 기계 # uv 프린터 dtf 프린터를 확인하십시오.
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